OME Electric Motors Services
Published at 2015-04-29 07:44:05

In order to ensure a qualified and complete service OME, through collaboration with highly professional and certified companies, has established its own GLOBAL SERVICE to ATEX and special, low, medium and high voltage motors for AC or DC machines, they are also responsible for evaluating any type of equipment, flameproof or not, and experts to advise customers whether to make appropriate substitutions in place of repairs to their facilities, if there are the requirements of mere convenience.

OME, then, through the synergy of these partnerships, is able to offer its customers not only the provision of a wide range of electric motors, but also repair, rewinding and full service, 24 hours on 24.

The OME Services are:


Service for Italian territory

Elettrotecnica LG srl
Lecci Fontano & C.

With the synergy of the partnership, OME wants to offer its clients not only a wide ranged supply of electric motors, but also the reparation, the rewiring and a complete and active global service. 


Service for German territory


Partner for all services on electrical machinery up to 100to such as electric motors (AC-DC), generators, pumps, ventilators, liftning magnets and service on wind energy plants (WEA).


Service for Persian Gulf and Middle East


WORLD WIDE POWER SERVICES was established in Dubai at Al Jaddaf in 2002 to offer quality Electrical Engineering Services to our Customers based throughout the Gulf Region, Egypt & Azerbaijan.


Atex Service high/medium voltage

Discover the ATEX program of counseling and testing that OME can offer to its customers:

ATEX testing and counseling program
Risk assessment and organizational measures to prevent
Explosion protection document


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