Service for german territory
Published at 2015-04-29 07:21:35



Partner for all services on electrical machinery up to 100to such as electric motors (AC-DC), generators, pumps, ventilators, liftning magnets and service on wind energy plants (WEA).

They are people with responsibility who are used to solving problems. People who expect precise planning and effective action combined with cost-effectiveness and reliability. And because we think the same way we can do a lot for you. For decades we have specialised in the maintenance, inspection and repair of electrical machinery. For many years we have been a valued partner of the production sector. For quality, knowledge and mechanical skill are only a part of the story when it comes to maintenance as it is required today - just the prerequisite for modern plant management. Vogelsang- customers expect more: Rapid and individual analysis of the task, accurate assessment of the situation and reliable implementation of the solution. And this applies to everything we do, routine revision, complex assessment of the condition of machinery or complex assembly and disassembly work. We speak our customers' language and solve the problems together. Teamwork is what wins the game in the end.


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