Electric Motors Division

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Founded by Eros Orsatti in the second half of 1960s, after gaining the experience and technical expertise in the family business, Orsatti, initially dedicated to the repair of electrical machines, specializes in the distribution of electric motors and finally, through the newly formed and controlled CME (Construction electrical machines), starts to produce its range of three-phase asynchronous electric motors.
Ambitious and determined towards the internationalization process, the company is developing beyond local boundaries and discovering positive results throughout the peninsula for the quality of its products and for the qualified assistance offered.
The need to cope with an extensive and loyal customers, encourages the transfer of the historical site of Brescia to the current headquarters of Gussago, giving room to a new phase of evolution, where the wide spaces and strategic logistics assure an optimal and even more efficient service.
The goal of expansion achieved in a short time with great entrepreneurial spirit and thanks to the high quality of the products, pushes the company towards the end of the 90s, to create partnerships and joint venture with established foreign companies for the production of its range of electric motors, giving them the experience, the technology and the know-how acquired in 40 years of Italian history.
Furthermore, the need to differentiate themselves from competitors, to grow further and attack the less competitive market shares, led soon the governance of the company to decide to invest a good part of its profits to specialize and refine its own electric motor explosion proof certificate, to be employed in highly explosive and flammable environment, such as chemical, petroleum and pharmaceuticals in general.
Aggressive and relocated OME, ISO 9001 certified company, vision 2000, with the Rina instituition, now participates in major international tenders and exports to many countries around the world, also through its foreign partners.
The international trade fairs in Europe and the Middle East have allowed OME to make known their technical knowledge and their important range of products: from standard electric motors and AC synchronous motors with high efficiency for different sectors of industry, to Explosion-proof electric motors (ATEX) for the oil and gas industry and special motors, medium and high voltage, direct current or alternating, for the railway sector, thermal and power supply.
Today OME electric motor, through its subsidiaries has a direct presence in China, the United Arab Emirates, the US and Switzerland, and distributes its products in other parts of the world through its network of agents located in Africa, in Europe, in Middle East and Central / South America
A continuous evolving story, from the local to the global market, the production of a conventional motor with the ability to meet any demand and requirement.
The essential requirements and determinants that enable OME to really differentiate itself from all the other players?
- Over forty years technical experience of its board and staff;
- The continuous research and development aimed at increasing the performance and efficiency of its electric motors in compliance with current and future regulations in terms of energy saving and environmental protection;
- The tailor-made service that provides the opportunity to customize electric motors, standard or explosion proof, on specific customer project,
- A wide range of production that can meet any need and industrial category.

Real Estate Orsatti Group

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Since 1997 the Orsatti family is dedicated to residential real estate investments, building complex building from scratch or renovating historic buildings that already exist.

The peculiarity of the completed construction projects or under construction are in the high quality of the works, in the refinement of the finishes and the innovation of the projects, classic or modern.
The decision to build valuable properties has always been the mission of the group; results and satisfactions obtained over the years have confirmed the effectiveness of the idea adopted, proved to be successful, particularly in recent years, in which the housing crisis has not affected the business reality.

MEGATECH Marine Engines Division

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The Marine Motors Division was formed in the early 2000 after a careful analysis of the market and after a careful assessment of the products made by MEGATECH, considered innovative and strong interest in the field of recreational boating, fishing and working.
The obtaining of European certifications for gas emissions, according to the Ec regulations in 2004, allowed the Megatech marine motors to be sold and used throughout the European Union.
Dedicated to import, development, Megatech brand promotion (through exhibitions, meetings and advertising of all sorts) and the distribution throughout the whole country, the Marine Motors Division initially created a support network with competent authorized centers (already MTU workshop) located on the Italian coast and at the major lakes in order to ensure efficient service.
The distribution of Mercedes Benz original spare parts was entrusted to the Ghiretti firm and Parma Talignani already suppliers of mechanical parts relating to marine motors at all Megatech service centers.
All this has been possible thanks to the collaboration of the Ministry of Transport, Ente Udicer, Cap. Signorelli, employees of Soc. Casarola Nautica of Peschiera del Garda and Soc. Ghiretti and Talignani Parma and Eng. Rosario Naples and all National Service Centres.
By participating in the 47th International Boat Show in Genoa has had occasion to present officially to the European market the quality of its products.

DETAILS MG 190 - 190 HP
DETAILS MG 366 LA - 320 HP
DETAILS MB 366 PE - 400 HP
DETAILS MB 477 LA - 600 HP
DETAILS MB 447 PE - 720 HP
DETAILS MB 457 PE - 740 HP
DETAILS MB 926 LA - 440 CV
DETAILS MB 926 PE - 500 HP 

MEGATECH Diesel Power

Megatech Diesel Power - based in Sao Vicente - SP Brazil - was founded 25 years ago thanks to the great passion for the sea and from the experience acquired after years of racing in offshore by its founder Luis Mondelo.
It’s thanks to the technical knowledge of a mechanical engineering and also about the know-how consolidated over the years by Luis Mondelo that today Megatech produces both marine motors (-pleasure duty- for recreational and fishing / work-duty-commercial), both surface propellers transmissions (Mondrive), and propellers and flaps.
Megatech marine motors, which are characterized by their high power, lightweight, compactness and reliability, are 4 or six-cylinder motors, with a power range that goes from 190cv to 740 hp and can be either mechanical or electronic, the latter system EUI (electronic unit injection) that allows the injection of fuel in well determined times and amounts, ensuring efficient combustion, high performance and low levels of gaseous emissions.
Robustness and reliability are guaranteed by the quality of the Mercedes Benz motors and MWM International, which constitute the basic mechanics, while the compactness and light weight were obtained using a limited number of sleeves and employing light alloys of aluminum and bronze-aluminum for parts which constitute salinization, except the sea water pump which in some models is made entirely of bronze ensuring efficiency and long life.
Noteworthy is the Power Pack Kit that Megatech offers in a new combination for the Italian recreational market: this is a complete power package that integrates in a a single Mercedes-Benz marine motor block, the inverter and gearbox, Mondrive transmission and propeller: a winning result to get great performance and small footprint.


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