AC Motor applications

OME Motors wide range of electric motors enables the use of motor applications in various sectors with high-efficiency drive solutions. The electric motors from OME Motors are designed for various industries such as steel and food. Fields of electric motor application include mines, cement, sugar plants and petrochemical industries.

Moreover, it includes electric motors for production machinery of pumps, compressors, rolling mill and steel plant equipment, shredders, boilers, bending rolls, fans and blowers, forging presses, heating and air conditioning, machine tools, conveyors, sheet metal presses, die casting machines injection moduling machines as well as turbines.

Electric motor application for ventilation

OME Motors for ventilation convey air with low pressure. The assortment of electric motors for ventilation covers a wide range of tasks: suction of clean air, ventilation, drying, cooling of materials and suction of fumes. The application of motor for ventilation is particularly designed for dusty environments (e.g. cement factories, pasta factories) and potentially explosive gases (chemical industries in general).

Electric motor application for machinery

The motor application for machinery offers maximum performance and high reliability. The range of products allows for the application of motor for specific machinery, such as produce machinery for the processing of wood, plastic, paper, light alloys, glass, iron, marble, food products as well as food and drinks. OME Motors also produces specialized electric motors for sugar refineries to meet the requirements of motor application in high energy intensity production processes.

Electric motor application for turbines

OME Motors has a wide range for turbines of any kind available. The application of motor for turbines can be used to drive a machine, a compressor, an electric generator or a propeller. For the electric motor application in wind farms, OME Motors produces ad hoc electric motors and generators.

Electric motor application for compressors

Electric motors for compressors are applied by manufacturers of air and gas compressors and cover a wide field of application possibilities. OME Motors offers standard or explosion proof three-phase electric motors. This makes them applicable in environments with explosive atmosphere with the risk of fire and explosion, such as in the petrochemical industry (refineries, oil rigs, platforms) as well as in mines. Furthermore, the motor application for compressors is available with thermals and sensors and, thus, suitable for temperature control.

Electric motor application for specific plants

OME Motors offers a selection of motor applications specific to the requirements of steel plants, cogeneration plants, hydraulic plants and cement plants. In order to withstand the high temperatures in the steel industry, OME Motors produces electric motors for steel plants. In cogeneration plants, the application of motor allows for the simultaneous production of mechanical power and heat, which usually results from motors used to heat water and environments.

Another sector covered by OME Motors is the water sector. Through the application of motor inside water and municipal power plant systems, the electric motors make the difference in hydraulic plants. Applied in cement plants, electric motors drive the operation of large mills, crushers, conveyor belts, ovens and fans.