Efficiency, Innovation and Energy Saving: Discover the Electric Motors for Cement Plants

OME Motors supplies the largest cement manufacturers in the world, offering them a wide range of medium and low voltage electric motors, even with wound rotor, alternating current and DC. These devices guarantee the correct operation of large mills, crushers, conveyor belts, ovens and fans used in the sector, guaranteeing compliance with the highest standards even in harsh working conditions. In fact, inside cement production plants, the equipment is exposed to extreme working conditions caused by the large amount of dust present but also by the temperatures with high variations that characterize the environment. 

Furthermore, cement production is characterized by high energy consumption, almost completely used to guarantee the operation of electric motors. To meet European directives and the need for greater energy savings, OME Motors manufactures electric motors capable of fulfilling the different production processes of cement plants with efficiency and innovation. These devices – built for the best cement plants – are able to guarantee the highest standards, also in terms of emissions and costs