Explosion Proof Motors For Use in Mines

OME Motors designs and manufactures explosion-proof electric motors, ideal for use inside mines: in these environments, in fact, due to mining operations, there may be emissions of methane and coal dust which, in the event of contact with any spark generated by the terminal box of the electric motor could generate a fire or an explosion. The explosion-proof electric motors are designed to avoid this risk: in fact, they are equipped with explosion proof anti-explosive protection that guarantees maximum safety even in dusty environments; they are particularly suitable for lifting and material transport systems, where – since they are plants operating 24 hours a day and working continuously for many months – operating reliability is a matter of considerable importance. 

The explosion-proof motors by OME Motors comply with the essential safety requirements against explosion risk, established by the ATEX 2014/34 / EU directive. Based on these technical and legislative provisions, the type of explosion-proof electric motor must be chosen – depending on the type of system – in the hazard classification, with a very high or high level of protection and a maximum surface temperature of 150 ° C or 450 ° C.

In general, the explosion-proof motors made by OME Motors are intended for installation in underground areas but also in the surface parts pertaining to the mines where it is possible the presence of grisou gas or combustible dust.