Oil and Gas

Explosion-proof motors for use in mines

The oil and petrochemical industry, due to the dangerousness of its work environments, exposed to fire or explosion risks, requires special motors for the use of machinery and equipment: these are explosion-proof electric motors designed by OME Motors and ATEX certified to guarantee the best performance and minimize production stops.
OME Electric Motors electric motors for application and use in the petrochemical and oil industry are designed to always guarantee maximum reliability and precision, even under difficult operating conditions.
OME Motors offers its customers a complete range of specific solutions adapted to the technical and application needs of the petrochemical and petroleum sectors; These are highly efficient electric motors capable of reducing costs and increasing productivity. OME Electric Motors are designed to cover a variable power range depending on the application and sector. 

In addition, they offer several advantages: OME electric motors are highly efficient with a positive energy balance; They meet the most demanding safety standards in terms of explosion protection, as well as IEC and NEMA standards. Thanks to their numerous features, the low voltage motors designed and manufactured by OME Motors guarantee extremely profitable operation over time.
The standard electric motors offered by OME Motors meet all requirements, ensuring maximum safety and efficiency during operation.
In addition, the low-voltage and explosion-proof motors are ATEX certified. OME Motors manufactures medium and high voltage explosion-proof electric motors for the petrochemical industry; These special devices find wide application in refineries, onshore and offshore oil extraction plants, distribution and pumping systems in the oil and gas industry. For more information or to request a quote.