Power Plants

Motors for Power Plants: Efficiency and Respect for the Environment

According to a worldwide performed analysis, about 75% of industrial electricity consumption is attributable to electric motors. It therefore follows that electric motors are a priority product for industrial systems and that specifics must be established for a true eco-compatible design.

The demand for electricity is constantly increasing; at the same time, in recent years the environmental impact has gained enormous importance. The global community has set itself some very specific goals, including reducing the use of primary sources of fossil origin and developing and encouraging the exploitation of alternative and sustainable energies. In this sense, using high-efficiency motors becomes a fundamental prerogative to help improve the global system.

The electric motors of OME Motors allow high-efficiency drive solutions to be implemented, significantly improving industrial productivity and achieving very high performance. OME Motors designs and manufactures – even custom-made – low and medium voltage motors for plants and power generation plants or power plants in general, offering the highest energy efficiency ever.