Steel Mill

The Best Electric Motors for Steel Plants

OME Motors produces the best electric motors dedicated to the steel industry sector. These are motors designed to withstand the high temperatures of production operations, able to offer precise control and guarantee maximum plant safety and excellent product quality.

OME Motors, with its range of products, is able to offer a quality standard of excellence in the production of specific electric motors for plants dedicated to steel production. In this sector, having handling technologies suitable for heavy work commitments becomes of fundamental importance. The efficiency of the metal processing plant is essential to guarantee the basic requirements and increase the overall performance of the machine.

The models of electric motors dedicated to the steel industry and designed for installation in steel plants, therefore, much attention is given to the intended use; this translates not only into an improvement in cycle times, but also in maintaining the highest performance.

During steel production operations, the scrap metal is melted in arc furnaces to reach the desired alloy. The high temperatures of these operations require the use of reliable electric motors, which guarantees the safety of the systems and at the same time the quality of the product. With its long experience in the sector, OME Motors is able to supply the most reliable roller motors and medium voltage motors, specific for steelworks. These are products that are resistant to the high temperatures of the environments in which they are installed and designed to reduce production halt to a minimum, thus increasing productivity (these two fundamental conditions for the steel industry). In this context, electric motors are particularly subject to variations: those of OME Motors, therefore, are designed to always guarantee maximum reliability and precision, even in harsh operating conditions such as those of steel mills.