Water System Purification

Discover the motors for hydraulic plants, purification and water treatment plants

OME Motors supplies the best electric motors to guarantee correct control of operating conditions within municipal water systems. In particular, it offers an assortment of specific electric motors for pumping and water purification systems.

The efficiency of a water system is an aspect of fundamental importance for productivity; in this sense, not only the capacity of the plant but also the reliability of the motor are fundamental requirements for the overall performance of the system.

The electric motors made by OME Motors for this purpose can be installed inside water and municipal power plant systems; these devices benefit from the meticulous attention paid to the design which translates not only into an improvement in cycle times but also in maintaining high performance in penalizing conditions or in hot climates. Minimizing production downtime, increasing productivity and increasing efficiency are the primary conditions of the water sector: OME Motors electric motors used in this area always ensure maximum reliability and precision, even in very severe operating conditions. The company has also obtained the recognition and approval of the main public municipal companies in Africa and the Middle East