Petrochemical Industries

  • OME Motors Brings An Explosion-proof ATEX Motor to Libya

    Client: Harouge Raffinery. State: Libya Project: ATEX Explosion Proof motor Specifics: OMEX series; 420 Kw; 2 poles; 10,000 volts In 2016, O...
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  • An OMEX Motor In The Heart Of The Jungle: OME Motors In Congo For ENI

    Client: ENI Country: Congo Brazzavile Project: ATEX Explosion Proof Motor Specifics: OMEX series; 1390 Kw; 6000 V medium voltageENI, an ...
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  • Discover our motors for petrochemical industries

    The oil industry - due to the danger of its work environments, exposed to fire or explosion risks - needs special motors for the use of machiner...
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