• OME Motors for KSB: A Complete and Effective Project

    Client: KSB Pump. Country: Slovenia Project: 2 motors for pumps Specifics: kw 160 - kw 500KSB, a world leader in the production of pumps a...
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  • OME Motors Brings An Explosion-proof ATEX Motor to Libya

    Client: Harouge Raffinery. State: Libya Project: ATEX Explosion Proof motor Specifics: OMEX series; 420 Kw; 2 poles; 10,000 volts In 2016, O...
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  • Production Of Electric Motors For Pumps

    OME Motors offers a wide range of three-phase asynchronous motors with high insulation class, devices for coupling with centrifugal or screw pumps...
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  • Discover the motors for hydraulic plants, purification and water treatment plants

    OME Motors supplies the best electric motors to guarantee correct control of operating conditions within municipal water systems. In particular,...
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  • Discover our motors for petrochemical industries

    The oil industry - due to the danger of its work environments, exposed to fire or explosion risks - needs special motors for the use of machiner...
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