• Ventilators

    OME Motors manufactures three-phase synchronous and asynchronous electric motors but also electric motors customized to the needs of the custome...
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  • Maximum Versatility, High Reliability: Discover the Electric Motors for Machinery

    The assortment of OME Motors products also includes a wide selection of: three-phase electric motors and generators in low / medium voltage and ...
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  • The Best Electric Motors for Turbines

    OME Motors designs and builds electric motors for operation with turbines of any type. The turbine is a rotating driving machine that converts...
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  • Asynchronous Electric Motors for Compressors

    OME Motors offers a wide range of closed and open asynchronous motors with optimized performance for operation on compressors. These are devices...
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  • Production Of Electric Motors For Pumps

    OME Motors offers a wide range of three-phase asynchronous motors with high insulation class, devices for coupling with centrifugal or screw pumps...
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