Electric Motors

OME Motors designs and constructs three-phase asynchronous electric motors, made of aluminum or cast iron. All the electric motors produced by OME Motors respect the highest quality standards, guaranteed by an effective control carried out directly by the company's technicians; they are also made in compliance with the European UNEL MEC standards that establish universal parameters to be followed for the definition of construction details.

Electric Motors Production:
Our Certifications.

OME Motors is accredited as a manufacturer of electric motors, and in particular:

  • It is ISO-9001 VISION 2000 certified as a manufacturer with the RINA certification body;
  • It is ISO-9001 certified with the return of electric motors for manufacturing defects of less than 0.01% of sales (this is what confirms the maximum reliability of OME Motors products).
  • Complies with European regulations - regulations for respecting the environment - RoHs.
  • Complies with European regulations and parameters - Kyoto Treaty - Enea address - for the production of high efficiency motors.
  • It is manufacturer of ATEX category 3 motors.
  • It is a manufacturer of ADPE explosion-proof motors category 2.
  • It is a manufacturer of motors for applications in the naval sector.