IE4 Super Premium Motors

IE4 Super Premium Motors

  • The best line of electric motors in terms of performance and cost optimization.
  • Compact motors, with minimum weight and small dimensions.

Motori Elettrici IE4: Massima Efficienza, Minor Impatto Ambientale.

IE4 motors are the latest generation of electric motors designed by OME with the aim of offering customers the best product in terms of performance and cost optimization. OME's IE4 motors are asynchronous electric motors compliant with IE4 Super Premium Efficiency efficiency class. Equipped with the newest and most advanced technology, the innovative high-efficiency IE4 electric motors made by OME are the ideal solution for all those companies that want to achieve excellent results, while reducing energy consumption to protect the environment and optimizing the costs of production.

IE4 Super Premium Motors
Simple connection
Increased lubrication
Upgrated cooling system
Reinforced insulation
(low winding temperatures)
IE4 Super Premium Motors
Increased lubrication intervals
Upgrated cooling system
Reinforced insulation
(low winding temperatures)
Simple connection

OM4 IE4 Super premium efficiency series

  • Save energy without compromizing production
  • Minimize Enviromental Impact
  • Minimize operation costs


Category Categoria 13
Frame size (mm) H 56 - H 710
Kw From 11kW - up to 2.000kW
Voltage Multi voltages
Poles 2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16
Cooling System IC 411, IC 416, IC 611
Hz 51 - 60 Hz / Suitable to work under VSD
Sectors Air Treatment, Cement, Food Industries, Power Plants, Steel Mill, Sugar Plant, Water System Purification, water treatment and desalination, Wind Power Generation
Fields Applications Bending Rolls, Boylers, Compressors, Conveyors, Crusher – Shredders, Die Casting Machine, Fans and Blowers, Forging Presses, Heating and air conditioning HVAC, Injection Moduling Machine, Machine Tools, Pumps, Rolling Mill & Steel Plant Equipment, Sheet Metal Presses, Turbines

Discover the advantages of IE4 asynchronous motors.

IE4 motors designed and built by OME offer the best results both in terms of performance and in terms of energy efficiency, guaranteeing optimal performance with reduced consumption for each sector of use. In addition to efficiency, the IE4 motors proposed by OME ensure:

  • Robustness, high level of innovation and optimal mechanics.
  • Compactness and weight reduction.
  • Long-term security and reliability.
  • Compatibility and adaptability to all sectors.
  • Maximum simplicity in installation, testing, start-up, use and replacement.
  • Greater stability of production costs.
  • Reduced maintenance and long life thanks to low operating temperatures.

OME's IE4 asynchronous motors are also characterized by their flexibility: despite being designed and optimized to be connected directly to the production line inside a plant, they can also be used with frequency converters or inverters. Finally, the IE4 motors allow the company to increase its competitiveness in the reference sector, thanks to a substantial improvement in performance and a containment of production costs - both guaranteed by the use of the motors themselves.

Take advantage of the Efficiency of IE4 Motors to Improve Your Company's Performance.

The efficiency of OME's IE4 motors is what makes these solutions ideal for many different industrial applications. In particular, IE4 electric motors can be successfully used where constant use of the nominal motor power is not required and at the same time maximum efficiency is required while saving energy.

The range of IE4 motors offered by OME is therefore indicated for HVAC applications such as pumps, fans, compressors, blowers and more generally in all those cases where the reduction of operating costs, dimensions and weight of the motors is an aspect of fundamental importance. As far as the application sectors are concerned, the use of IE4 asynchronous motors offers optimal results in any field, from food to air treatment, to suction.