Ome Inverter

Ome Inverter

OME Motors offers the possibility to integrate and customize its electric motors with the new and exclusive OME inverter in order to obtain from OME three-phase synchronous and asynchronous three-phase electric motors a higher level of technology and innovation.
Ome inverters offer different possibilities of speed and torque control of the electric motors to which they are connected, allowing to obtain more efficient performances both from the energy point of view, in terms of savings, and from the point of view of precision specific to the type of application.

The main features of Ome Inverters

Each Ome Inverter has several possibilities to be integrated:

  • with braking module;
  • with input filters, which can be integrated in accordance with European standard EN61800-3.
  • models with high protection degree IP54, up to 220 kw.
  • with the following operating devices: a potentiometer, an emergency button and a key switch.

On a single motor it is also possible to configure 3 Ome Inverters simultaneously, obtaining better performance and a lower cost thanks to the optimization of the parallel connection. The power supply of Ome Inverters for synchronous and asynchronous electric motors can be 18-pulse or 12-phase, as well as the interface can be two-way with power -1. There are also accessories available to complete the inverter such as filters, resolvers, econder, etc..

Ome Inverters have the following features:

  • have a strong structure completely made of steel,
  • work in a wide range of temperatures without limitation,
  • they handle an overload of up to 200% from 1 to 2 minutes,
  • peak current for 3" up to 240%,
  • the input frequency ranges from 50-60 hz,
  • serial port and integrated protections,
  • output frequency adjustable even up to 1000hz.

Ome inverters have five controls available:

  • VTC, sensorless vector;
  • FOC, vector with encoder;
  • Vector modulation IFD;
  • RGN, with direct power supply;
  • SYN, for applications with permanent magnet motors.