Iraq: drinking water for Iraqi villages OME Motors for Zanni Pumps

  • Customer: Pompe Zanni
  • State: Nāṣiriya, Iraq
  • Project: Drinking water pumping station
  • Specifications: OM series; 400L4 KW 630 4P B3 V.400/690 Standard Motor, Low Voltage

Pompe Zanni is an Italian company based in Ravenna. Since 1964 it has been producing pumps and submersible electric pumps. The reliability of its products has enabled the company to conquer not only the Italian market but also the international market.

For the latest project – the construction of a water plant for the treatment of drinking water in Nāṣiriya, a town located at 350 km south of Baghdad, in Iraq – Pompe Zanni decided to combine the high quality of its pumps with the excellent performance of OME motors. This choice is linked not only to the ability of OME motors to ensure high levels of performance, but also to the possibility of reducing energy consumption and maintenance operations, guaranteeing maximum reliability and longevity of the system itself. A special feature of the project is the high-pressure pumping capacity of the water station, which allows drinking water to be supplied 60 km from Nassiriya. A result that today provides drinking water to half a million people.