Ome Motors has always been manufacturing high-quality electric motors within several types and patterns which suit different application sectors; particularly, Ome Motors’ electric motors are distinguished by their high strength and adaptability, the qualities that make them a perfect choice in order to be used in marine and nautical sectors.

For this reason, FGS Fluid Global Solution has chosen Ome Motors for the supplying of electric motors on any maintenance services in the marine and nautical sectors.

FGS Fluid Global Solutions

FGS is an international enterprise specialized in marine and nautical sectors. Many companies and shipowners choose FGS Fluid Global Solutions because of its maintenance works, which are featured by fast response and supply, also for maintenance services onboard. FGS provides pumps and complete units, ballast water treatment plants, spare parts and accessories, design and reverse engineering to its customers all over the world.

Ome Motors e FGS Fluid Global Solutions

The partnership between FGS Fluid Global Solutions and Ome Motors comes from the closeness of purposes: on one side, FGS is an international leader specialized in supplying pumps and spare parts in marine and nautical sectors which has a global distribution network; on the other side, Ome Motors is an enterprise located inside the industrial steel environment in Brescia and specialized in manufacturing electric motors featured by reliability and high-quality.

Another feature that joins these two enterprises is the speed of supply, FGS Fluid Global Solutions makes it its flagship feature because it is one of the most appreciated aspects by shipowners and companies specializing in shipyards and marine maintenance. From this point of view, Ome Motors is able to supply several types of electric motors using the same readiness and speed, through immediate delivery all over the world.

FGS Fluid Global Solutions
and Ome Motors service’s features

Pumps, spare parts, and electric motors quality

Speed of intervention

Made in Italy

Maintenance services in workshops and onboard

Worldwide shipments

Global distribution network

Establishing a partnership has therefore led both the enterprises to improve the service standards for their customers, shipowners, maintenance companies, and shipyards, that are increasingly turning to FGS Fluid Global Solutions for maintenance works on pumps, spare parts, and electric motors.

High quality, speed, and competitive prices, together with the Italian brand Ome Motors, are additional values in the international marine and nautical industry market, that are recognized and appreciated by shipowners and technicians all over the world.