Maximum Versatility, High Reliability: Discover the Electric Motors for Machinery

The assortment of OME Motors products also includes a wide selection of: three-phase electric motors and generators in low / medium voltage and high voltage, even with high power at the maximum of technology; asynchronous and synchronous motors; electric motors customized to customer needs. All these motors are designed for applications in specific machinery for different application sectors; moreover, they are able to offer maximum performance and high reliability.

The electric motors of OME Motors are dedicated, in particular to companies that use or produce machinery for the processing of:

  • Wood;
  • Plastic;
  • Paper (production and shredding plants);
  • Light alloys (aluminum, gold and silver)
  • Glass;
  • Iron (shredding plants);
  • Marble (shredding plants);
  • Food products (machinery for food production);
  • Food and drinks (refrigeration systems).