Motors for conveyor belts

Motors for conveyor belts
  • Specific motors for belts and rollers inside steelworks.
  • Robust, compact, durable and reliable motors for continuous duty work.
Motors for conveyor belts
Torsionally stiff rib enclosure
Solid cast iron frame
Super strenght
Motors for conveyor belts
Simple connection
Torsionally stiff rib enclosure
Super strenght
Solid cast iron frame

OMRT Roller Table Motors / Steel plant Motors:

  • Long Service Life
  • High Vibration and shock strenght
  • Simple Maintenance


Category Categoria 6
Frame size (mm) H 112 - H 400
Kw Up to 250kW
Voltage 400 / 6600 V
Poles 4-6-8-10-12-14-16
Cooling System IC 410
Sectors Steel Mill
Fields Applications Conveyors, Rolling Mill & Steel Plant Equipment

Electric Motors for Conveyor Belts: Maximum Operating Efficiency for the Steel Industry.

Electric motors for conveyor belts are non-ventilated, compact three-phase induction motors designed specifically for use in steelworks. That of iron and steel plants is one of the most aggressive industrial environments for the operation of electric motors: in fact, it has particularly unfavorable conditions for temperature and humidity levels, but also for the presence of various liquid, solid and form contaminating agents of steam. One of the most commonly used and most common machines in steel mills and steel plants are conveyor belts or roller motor, systems for transporting processing products that require a series of motors that can work in a synchronized way to work properly continuous cycles. OME Motors designs and builds conveyor belt motors capable of supporting these processes. These are devices built to operate in continuous service, with a very high torque and maximum poles that influence the low and constant speed. Conveyor belt motors are also made by OME Motors to withstand high temperatures and the complex operating conditions of steel mills. These devices offer high level performance, satisfying the electrical and mechanical requirements of the steel industry.

Features and Advantages of Conveyor Belt Motors.

The range of conveyor belt motors designed by OME Motors includes products designed to offer various operational advantages in the steel industry. In particular, each model of electric motor for conveyor belt has the following peculiarities:

  • Compact, robust and versatile construction.
  • High torque.
  • Maximum flexibility and ability to work with a high performance frequency inverter.
  • High power.
  • Reliability of operation even in harsh environments and complex production processes.
  • Robustness and resistance to mechanical stress.

Electric Motors for Conveyor Belts: High Performance for Application in Steelworks.

OME Motors' conveyor belt motor models are specifically designed - and almost exclusively - for use in the steel industry. In fact, they are particularly suitable for operating in difficult conditions and created to work in combination with tables with working and transport rollers but also with laminators or other equipment used in steel plants. Thanks to their particular construction, then, the electric motors for conveyor belts operate with high performance in working environments with high temperatures and humidity, as well as with the presence of dust and waste