Oil & Gas World Expo Mumbai 2020: OME Motors was present at the fair in India

The ninth edition of the Oil & Gas World Expo was held in Mumbai from the 4th to the 6th of March 2020: the international fair that presents the main trends and innovations in the oil and gas industry. 

The event registered an active presence of many companies in the sector, in fact many local companies and few selected international interlocutors participated, such as KSB pump, Ruhrpumpen, Larsen & Toubro etc.. 

The theme of the event, in addition to the most advanced industrial technologies in the oil sector, advanced automation and industry 4.0, emission control and environmentally friendly technologies. Many events were also scheduled over the three days of the fair, such as GASTechthe refining and petrochemical forum Power & Surface Engineering Paint & Coating Forum 2020

OME Motors was also present with its stand and officially presented its range of OMEX electric motors for the first time in India: the Atex Low Voltage and High Voltage Motors. These motors are explosion-proof, made of cast iron and are three-phase asynchronous low or high voltage motors with Atex certificates

The range of OMEX explosion-proof motors is equipped with a squirrel-cage rotor with axial ventilation and a completely closed fan, capable of completely isolating the electrical parts of the motor inside it, so that any sparks cannot come into contact with the atmosphere. explosive exterior.

This peculiarity makes OMEX motors suitable for use in environments with high explosive risk, such as oil, where there is gas or combustible dust in the atmosphere. 

The sealed closure completely isolates the electrical parts of the motor inside, so that they are never in contact with the external explosive atmosphere.

In the field of industry 4.0 and advanced automation issues addressed in this edition of Oil & Gas 2020 in Mumbai, OME Motors has also distinguished itself for the possibility of operating its explosion-proof OMEX motors with inverters and soft-starters for the purpose of to further optimize the performance and efficiency of its motors, especially in the context of industrial applications with explosive risk, where it is therefore necessary to use Atex certified explosion-proof motors.

The three-day fair in Mumbai was another important opportunity for OME Motors to present itself internationally and affirm its importance as a player in the Indian market, as well as meeting customers and prospects within the stand. Below is a gallery of some photos taken during the days of the fair.