OME Motors designed and built an ATEX motor for major Japanese electric motor manufacturer

  • Customer: Japanese company
  • State: China, Germany
  • Project: ATEX explosion proof motor for extruder
  • Specifications: OMEX 250kw explosion proof series

A Japanese company that develops and produces electric motors has entrusted OME Motors with the construction of an ATEX-certified explosion-proof motor for an extruder. Before choosing the company from Brescia, some representatives personally visited and inspected the production plant; the positive outcome of this visit allowed OME Motors to design and build a large steel ATEX motor for Japanese company, completely customized according to customer needs, and intended for use in a Chinese production site in paired with one of the largest extruders in the world. The challenge of this project was the high complexity of the electrical and mechanical specifications that the Japanese company requested were met without the slightest possibility of deviation.