Premium NEMA Motors

Premium NEMA Motors
  • Motors in line with NEMA Premium standards for the US market.
  • Highly efficient devices for maximum energy savings.
Premium NEMA Motors
Reduced noise
Improved thermal efficiency
Low vibration
Premium NEMA Motors
Reduced noise
Low vibration level
Improved thermal efficiency

OMN Nema Premium Series

  • High Performances
  • Energy Saving


Category Categoria 13
Frame size (mm) H 143 - H 587
Kw 0,75 kW - up to 375 kW
Voltage 230/460 V - 460 V - 575 V
Poles 2-4-6-8
Cooling System IC 411
Hz 50 Hz - 60Hz
Sectors Air Treatment, Food Industries, Water System Purification, water treatment and desalination
Fields Applications Compressors, Fans and Blowers, Heating and air conditioning HVAC, Pumps, Turbines

Discover the NEMA range of electric motors for North and South America.

OME Motors is able to produce NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) motors that meet the regulations regarding the performance and specific requirements of the US and Middle East markets, where the company has been present for years. These are three-phase electric motors with different frames and voltages, able to adapt to the most diverse requirements and offer maximum energy efficiency for every application need. OME Motors builds NEMA cast iron motors, devices compliant with EISA legislation for minimum performance and capable of reaching or exceeding the NEMA Premium standard. The company produces low-voltage NEMA electric motors in the standard version, or is available to create highly customized and custom-built devices.

Characteristics and Functionality of NEMA Motors.

NEMA electric motors are devices able to offer various advantages in the most disparate industrial applications. In detail, they have these characteristics:

  • I motori elettrici NEMA hanno un design dinamico e modulare, in grado di adattarsi a vari contesti e di soddisfare le più svariate esigenze.
  • NEMA electric motors have a dynamic and modular design, able to adapt to various contexts and to satisfy the most varied requirements.
  • Since they are made of cast iron, NEMA motors are extremely robust.
  • NEMA electric motors are energy-saving devices.
  • The possibility to modify the motor offers maximum versatility of use.
  • The low level of assistance and maintenance required by NEMA motors reduces costs.
  • Thanks to their technical characteristics, NEMA electric motors have reduced vibration and noise levels.
  • Finally, these devices are compatible with any frequency inverter.

Applications and Uses of NEMA Premium Motors.

Thanks to their own characteristics, the NEMA Premium motors designed and built - even custom-made - by OME Motors can be successfully used in the industrial field and in the most diverse sectors. In particular, these three-phase induction electric motors are suitable for use in water systems for the purification, treatment and desalination of water, in air treatment plants or in the food industries. They can work effectively in combination with pumps and compressors, or with fans, blowers and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) and finally with turbines.