Explosion-Proof Motors

Series of motors for explosive environments (ATEX zones) with ATEX certificate: Ex d IIB and IIC T4.High performance explosion proof motors with excellent aesthetics.

OMEX: ATEX certified explosion proof motor

OMEX is the international ATEX certified series of cast iron motors, designed and built by OME Motors. These are low voltage asynchronous three-phase motors, equipped with a squirrel-cage rotor with an axial ventilation and a completely closed fan. The special ATEX certified explosion proof motor is produced specifically for installation in hazardous zones and areas which are subjected to the presence of gas or combustible dusts. These motors are built to eliminate the risk of explosion and equipped with all the protections that prevent explosion: pressurized equipment; fire and explosion proof external structure; increased security; anti spark protection.

The ATEX certification of the OMEX explosion proof motor

The OMEX electric motors series includes motors built according to the ATEX directive, which classifies the equipment based on the level of protection guaranteed in dangerous areas. The term ATEX (explosive atmosphere) indicates a mixture of air and fuel that, in particular conditions of temperature and pressure and if properly triggered, can cause an explosion (deflagration or detonation). The fuel can be gas or dust. The explosion proof electric motor of the OMEX electric motors series, also called ATEX motor, are designed to be used where maximum safety against fires and explosions must be guaranteed (IEC 60079-0: 2013). 

ATEX refers to two European directives that regulate explosive atmospheres:

  • ATEX Directive 2014/34 / EU concerning equipment and protection systems installed in potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • Directive 99/92 / EC which prescribes the minimum protection requirements for the safety and health of workers exposed to the risks of explosive atmospheres.

The explosion proof motors of the OMEX series have the ATEX certificates Ex d IIB and IIC T4.

Maximum efficiency, high performance and explosion protection: discover OMEX, certified ATEX motor

OMEX explosion proof motors are custom built by OME Motors and are designed for use in potentially dangerous work areas due to the presence of various types of gas or dust. In such cases, the OMEX series of explosion proof motors offer several advantages:

  • Maximum safety guaranteed by the explosion proof structure, which is suitable for reliable use.
  • High torque and greater overload capacity.
  • Greater efficiency and better performance.
  • Special ball bearings reduce motor vibration and noise in service.
  • Higher temperature margin.
  • Easy installation and repair, longer service life over time.
  • Neat aesthetics and finishes.
  • Technology in line with the highest European standard.
  • Frame dimensions in compliance with IEC standards.

ATEX motors for use in dangerous work areas

Thanks to their special characteristics, the explosion proof motor of the OMEX series is ideal for use in the chemical and petrochemical industries, in oil and gas pipelines, on offshore and coastal oil platforms, on ships, in the pharmaceutical, graphic and thermal industries and manufacturing, as well as in mines. Furthermore, the exproof motor made by OME and ATEX certified are also suitable for use in air treatment plants or in the production of systems and equipment for the collection and disposal of waste, processing of cereals, rice and sugar. Finally, the ATEX motors of the OMEX series are effective and functional when used in combination with: pumps, compressors and industrial boilers.
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