High Voltage Motors

Self-ventilated electric motors with IC 01, IC 411, IC 611 and IC 81W cooling system.
High voltage motors and medium voltage motors with compact and light structure, high performance and long-life usage.

High voltage motor and medium voltage motor: maximum efficiency and high customization capability

OME Motors’ medium voltage motors and three-phase asynchronous high voltage motors are characterized by a high quality of workmanship. What differentiates them is the modularity of the cooling system: depending on the model, in fact, a high voltage motor and a medium voltage motor can be IC 411-416-511-611-IC 81W. In particular the high voltage motor equipped with the IC 611 air to air cooling system (OMVK model) is made of a steel sheet and welded to the frame, which ensures lightness and stability at the same time.

Characteristics and operating conditions of high voltage motors and medium voltage motors

The high voltage electric motors and medium voltage electric motors are equipped with a laminated core which, before being mounted in the frame, is compressed and protected and then pressed. These particular construction procedures guarantee that the high voltage motors and medium voltage motors of OME Motors have excellent insulating performance, greater mechanical resistance, better resistance to humidity and a long life.
The rotor cage is made of silicon steel and is equipped with copper bars on demand. Furthermore, the rotor is made by a process of Silicon Steel casting and subsequent welding, two phases that are necessary to guarantee maximum reliability and perfect balancing. Depending on the power and speed of the electric motors or based on the specifications required by the customer, roller or bushing bearings can also be used. The main terminal block is located on the right side of the motor, but can also be placed on the left side, according to specific needs. Both the inside and the outside of the terminal box are equipped with separate terminals.
At the user’s request, the stator winding and the bearings can be equipped with sensors for measuring the temperature, ensuring the operation of the motor in safety and reliability over time. Finally, a high voltage electric motor can also work with a frequency converter, thus improving cost savings throughout the life cycle of the device.

Advantages of high voltage motors and medium voltage motors

Custom designed and manufactured using the best performing and innovative materials, these electric motors have technical features that can provide numerous advantages, such as:

  • Wide possibility of customization, customizable design based on needs, availability of any construction form.
  • Extreme lightness, despite its large size.
  • Maximum efficiency, consistent performance and reliability over time.
  • Easy assembly and maintenance.
  • High flexibility in use.
  • Low noise and low vibrations.
  • Compliance with international IEC standards.

Areas of usage for high voltage motors and medium voltage motors

OME produces electric motors for safe environments, but also for work areas with explosive atmospheres. In fact, these devices are used in the most disparate sectors, from cement factories to steel mills, from power plants to water purification, treatment and desalination systems and from sugar factories to wind energy generation plants. Furthermore, high voltage motors and medium voltage motors are ideal for application and operation with pumps, compressors, boilers, conveyor belts, fans and blowers, mills, crushers and shredders, laminators and equipment for steel plants, turbines and generally all the machinery present in the heavy industry. Finally, these motors can be manufactured with a squirrel-cage rotor or with a wound rotor.

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