Standard motors

Low voltage motors with high efficiency for industrial use

Standard motor with low voltage (or IEC motors), designed and custom made by OME Motors. The low voltage motor is able to offer high efficiency and at the same time an energy saving, in line with environmental regulations. This is an aspect of fundamental importance considering that – normally – electric motors consume two third of the electricity used by the entire industrial compartment. The OME Motors high performance motor, on the other hand, ensures a significant optimization of energy consumption, protecting the environment and ensuring substantial saving in management costs. In fact, this standard motor offers high-level operational performance and low inrush current. The use of a so-called IEC motor (or high-performance motor) is a global trend in this sector as well as an imposition resulting from the receding European directive REGULATION (EC) N. 640/2009, which obliges the use in correct order to reduce energy consumption and protect the environment.

Based on these essential needs, OME Motors has designed a complete range of high-power electric motors capable of meeting the most diverse market needs, which includes:

  • IE1 standard motors, the most traditional and economical motors.
  • IE2 high efficiency motors.
  • IE3 premium motors, for mandatory use in Europe.
  • IE4 super premium motors, characterized by high safety and maximum long-term reliability.

Discover the advantages and efficiency of low voltage motors

Custom-made standard motors with low voltage are available at OME Motors:

  • Efficiency: our low voltage motors guarantee optimized energy consumption in line with IEC 60034, the international standard for rotating electrical machines.
  • Versatility: these are standard electric motors that can be successfully used in the most diverse industrial sectors and fields of application.
  • Robustness: efficient standard motors designed to guarantee stability, safety and reliability over a long period of time.
  • Simplicity: the high-power electric motors are easy to install, test, start, use and replace.
  • Reduced maintenance: the low operating temperatures guarantee a reduction in maintenance and a consequently long life of the OME Motors with high efficiency.
  • Flexibility: the modular construction concept guarantees a high level of adaptability in the use of low voltage motors.

IEC standard motors: real motors for industrial use

A standard IEC motors (or low voltage motor) is particularly efficient thanks to the structural quality, which ensures a long life even during full operation. Thanks to their same characteristics but above all to their efficiency, the standard electric motor of OME Motors is the most used and widespread model in the industrial field. In particular, high power electric motors can be successfully used in: cement plants; steel mills; power plants; water purification, treatment and desalination systems; air treatment plants; food industries; wind power generators and sugar plants.
Finally, high performance motors can be used in combination with: pumps; compressors; rolling mills and equipment for steel plants; crushers and shredders; fans and blowers; heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC); calendars; industrial boilers; injection molding machines; die-casting machines; forging presses; sheet metal bending presses; machine tools; turbines and conveyors.

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