OME Motors designs and manufactures industrial electric pumps for various uses and specifications. It deals in particular with the production of centrifugal pumps which, thanks to the high quality and technical standards, are suitable for different application sectors: from industrial water pumps to single-phase electric pumps, from surface pumps to industrial electric pumps. All OME Motors’ electric pumps are designed with advanced technological solutions in compliance with European standards API 610 and API 685 and guarantee constantly high efficiency thanks to the strict control of the company technicians. Api pumps are specifically designed to be used in critical processes in the petrochemical sector and in oil and gas refineries. OME Motors also provides its customers with unparalleled technical and engineering support, thanks to one of the most advanced monitoring and diagnostic processes in the sector.

Electric pump: design and reliability for
different fields of application

The electric pump designed by OME Motors is made of the highest quality materials such as steel and titanium, which makes it a key component for various fields of application. OME motors is a manufacturer of api centrifugal pumps. We build:

  • API 610 pumps for petrochemical plants and refineries: among these, our industrial pump guarantees high performance thanks to the use of materials resistant to corrosion, abrasion and flames, specific for the sectors in which the extraction, filtering and distribution of raw materials such as oil and natural gas with a high risk of explosion is required. 
  • Pumps for chemical and fine chemical plants: among these our industrial electric pump can be used during the transfer of resins, solvents and abrasive products.
  • Pumps for power plants: our centrifugal pump is ideal for transporting water and generating electricity. 
  • Pumps for desalination plants: our centrifugal electric pump, thanks to the materials used, is ideal for sea water treatment and desalination.
  • Pumps for water treatment plants: our industrial centrifugal pump is specially designed for water treatment and purification.