Asynchronous Single-phase Motors | OMM2

A single-phase asynchronous motor is widely used in the most common mixers, as it works powered by single-phase voltage. It consists of a winding in the rotor and two windings in the stator according to a squirrel cage pattern, where the ends are short-circuited in a closed loop. The presence of 1 cylindrical capacitor – or, as in the OMM2 series, 2 – in the single-phase motor serves to give load or current input to the motor itself. In other words, it serves to phase shift the current of one of the two windings with respect to the other, to obtain a rotating magnetic field at start-up. A single-phase motor with 2 capacitors is, therefore, used when a high starting torque is required. Ome Motors pays particular attention to the design of its single-phase electric motors with 2 capacitors as well as their packaging, which guarantee greater safety during transport as well as easier handling.
Category Electric Motors, Single Phase Motors
frame size mm H 71 - H 112
kw 0.37 kW - up to 3.7 kW
voltage 220 V
poles 2-4
cooling system IC 411
hz 50 Hz
temperature -20°C < 0 < 40°C 2H

Single-phase Electric Motor | OMM2

  • High efficiency
  • Very low overheating
  • Long service life
  • Noise levels in accordance with current standards
  • High performance
  • Simple connection
  • Energy saving
Areas of application for Single-phase Asynchronous Motors with 2 OMM2 Ome Motors series capacitors The single-phase electric motors with 2 capacitors of the OMM2 Ome Motors series are made of the highest quality materials and fully meet all the standards set by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Thanks to their special features – pleasant appearance, light weight, low maintenance, simple design, low noise, low vibration levels – the single-phase asynchronous motorswith 2 condensers of the OMM2 Ome Motors series can be optimally used in air compressors, pumps, chillers, medical equipment and instruments and other small machines.