Horizontal Pumps – OH

The horizontal pumps designed by OME Motors aim to offer the best product in terms of performance and cost optimisation, thanks to their ease of maintenance. Furthermore, maximum flexibility together with the use of materials resistant to the aggression of chemical reagents makes them suitable for different areas of industrial processes: from air conditioning systems to ecological systems. OME’s horizontal centrifugal pumps are designed with materials and technologies that make them suitable and compatible with all industrial machinery in accordance with European standards, ensuring the best solutions for all industrial pumping needs.

Category Products, Pumps
design Chemical norm pump - ISO 2858 / DIN 24256
capacity iso Up to 2600 m3/h
capacity us Up to 11400 Gpm
head iso Up to 250 m
head us Up to 820 feet
temperature range iso -80 - +450 Dec C
temparature range us -170 - +840 Dec F
pressure range iso Up to 25 bar
pressure range us 360 psi
material range Carbon Steel, SS, Duplex, Super Duplex, Hast alloy
nozzle direction suc dis End / Top Center-Line discharge ( self-venting )
motor sync speed iso 1500 / 3000 rpm
motor sync speed us 1800 / 3600 rpm
flange standard ANSI / HG / DIN / JIS


  • Power Generation Boiler Feed
  • Oil and Gas Refinery
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Other Chemical
  • General Industries
  • Condensate and General Industrial

Types of horizontal pumps

The horizontal industrial pumps proposed by OME are of four different types:

OHF pumps (OH1): these are horizontal pumps suitable for industrial chemical processes and the transfer of abrasive and acidic products. Sectors of application include the chemical and petrochemical industries and refineries. 

OHC pumps (OH2): these are pumps that thanks to their unique design guarantee high performance capable of meeting production expectations with superior quality and low cost. Particularly suitable for plants in the chemical and food industry sectors

OHV pumps (OH3): these are compact horizontal pumps that eliminate the need for large areas for installation and operation. Suitable for the transfer of liquids from condensation, the circulation of hot water and fuel. Application sectors include petrochemical industries and refineries.

OHG pumps (OH6): The OHG series of pumps are designed in accordance with current regulations that establish universal parameters to be followed for the construction of construction details, and are therefore a valid alternative to the more standard OH6 with the advantage of greater efficiency.

Areas of application of horizontal pumps

The horizontal industrial pumps proposed by OME have different fields of application and are suitable for:

– Heating, air conditioning, cooling and circulation systems.

– Powering pressurised reactors

– Pumping solvents in explosive environments

– Transfer abrasive products and acids 

– Transfer flammable chemicals and liquids

– Transfer solvents and resins