OMEX Low Voltage Motors

The electric motors of the OMEX Low Voltage series are explosion-proof devices designed for use in potentially explosive areas and work areas. These motors, in particular, are characterized by a lower voltage.

Category Electric motors, Explosion proof motors
frame size mm H 80 - H 500
kw 0.75kW - up to 1.100kW
voltage 380 V - 400 V - 660 V - 690 V - 1140 V
poles 2-4-6-8-10-12
cooling system IC 411, IC 416
hz 54 - 60 Hz / Suitable to work under VSD
sectors Air Treatment, Food Industries, Gas pipelines, Mines, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical Industries, Pharmaceutical
fields applications Blowers, Boylers, Compressors, Fans, Fans and Blowers, Heating and air conditioning HVAC, Pumps, Rolling Mill & Steel Plant Equipment
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OMEX Explosion Proof Low Voltage Series

  • Safe and Reliable
  • High performances and efficiency
  • Simple Manutenction

Operational Conditions:

The motors for ATEX zones are divided into two groups:

  • GROUP I: explosion-proof motors for use in mines.
  • GROUP II: ATEX explosion-proof motors for surface installations.

The ATEX electric motors of the OMEX series fall into the category GROUP II (II 2 G). They have the following technical characteristics:

  • Frame size 80-355.
  • Cast iron body
  • Power in 0.75 and 315 KW
  • II B / HC + III C
  • IP 55