OMNEX Explosion Proof Nema

ATEX NEMA Ome Motors are explosion proof motors designed and approved for application in hazardous environments where certain gases or other explosive materials are present.
NEMA explosion-proof motors are built to withstand an internal explosion of gases or vapours and to prevent ignition of the gases and vapours surrounding them from any internal explosion.
NEMA explosion protection motors are low-voltage three-phase electric motors that comply with all national and international standards and requirements and are suitable for particularly demanding process applications, on land or at sea, in oil and gas pipelines, in refineries and petrochemical plants, in floating platforms for oil storage, production and unloading, in liquefied natural gas (LPG) plants.
NEMA Atex motors are perfectly capable of operating in adverse environments, such as explosive atmospheres, extreme temperatures, corrosive dust or humidity.

Category Electric motors, OMNEX Explosion Proof Nema
frame size mm 140 T - 449 T
kw 0.75 Hp - up to 200 Hp
voltage 230/460 - 460/575
poles 2-4-6-8
cooling system IC 411
hz 60 Hz
sectors Air Treatment, Food Industries, Mines, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical Industries, Pharmaceutical
fields applications Boylers, Compressors, Fans and Blowers, Heating and air conditioning HVAC, Pumps, Rolling Mill & Steel Plant Equipment
temperature -20°C < 0 < 40°C on request 55°C
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OMNEX Explosion Proof Nema

  • High Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Robustness
  • Long life
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Very good price for high performance
  • Remarkable compactness of the overall dimensions

The Omnex series of NEMA explosion-proof three-phase electric motors are designed and manufactured by Ome Motors to meet all the needs of those operating in potentially explosive areas. The rigid cast iron structure, terminal block and fan cover guarantee optimal corrosion resistance; the rotor and shaft assembly is dynamically balanced to ensure vibration-free, reliable and silent operation. Finally, the NEMA explosion-proofmotors feature a polyurethane paint system, which resists the most corrosive environments, and a stainless steel nameplate that conforms to the NEMA standard. The latter identifies the front flange size of the motor in inches (for example, a NEMA 17 motor will have a flange size of 1.7″ or 42 mm).
Ome Motors’ Omnex series NEMA explosion protection motors are therefore in line with NEMA – National Electrical Manufacturers Association – standards, which meet the performance standards and specific requirements of the US market, where the company has been present for years, and are highly efficient devices for maximum energy saving.