OMVK (IC611)

OME Motors OMVK electric motors are highly efficient three-phase electric motors that offer excellent performance and high energy savings. These are self-ventilated motors equipped with IC 611 cooling systems with air-to-air heat exchanger.
The OMVK motors designed and made to measure by OME Motors have a light and compact structure and are ideal for application in various fields of the industrial sector.

Category Electric motors, High Voltage Motors
frame size mm H 315 - H 1.120
kw From 185 kW - up to 25.000 kW
voltage 3 kV - 6 kV - 6,6 kV - 10 kV - 11 kV - 15 kV
poles 2-4-6-8...up to 24
cooling system IC 611, IC 617
hz 56 - 60 Hz / Suitable to work under VSD
sectors Cement, Power Plants, Steel Mill, Sugar Plant, Water System Purification, Water treatment and desalination, Wind Power Generation
fields applications Boylers, Compressors, Crusher – Shredders, Fans and Blowers, Pumps, Rolling Mill & Steel Plant Equipment, Turbines

OMVK IC611 High Voltage series

  • High Power
  • Premium Efficiency
  • Premium Cooling System