Single-phase Motors | OMM1

The single-phase motor with 1 capacitor of the OMM1 Ome Motors series combines the latest international designs with high quality materials and is, therefore, able to fully meet all the standards set by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The single-phase electric motors designed and manufactured by Ome Motors offer very high efficiency and, at the same time, a significant optimization of energy consumption, in line with environmental standards. In other words, they safeguard the environment guaranteeing substantial savings in operating costs. Single-phase electric motors are a particular type of electric motors, which are powered by single-phase alternating current (AC). The most widely used type of single-phase motor – because of its cost-effectiveness – is the single-phase asynchronous motor, which is characterized by an induced magnetic field that rotates at a speed called synchronization; the rotor, on the other hand, rotates non-synchronously with the statoric magnetic field (or rather, at that speed it would not provide any torque).
Category Electric Motors, Single Phase Motors
frame size mm H 56 - H 112
kw 0.9 kW - up to 1.5 kW
voltage 220 V
poles 2-4
cooling system IC 411
hz 50 Hz
temperature -20°C < 0 < 40°C 2H

OMM1 Series Single Phase Electric Motor

  • Low vibration level
  • Noise reduction
  • High performance
  • Energy saving
  • Simple connection
  • High quality components (including top copper, metal cable glands and SFK bearings)
Areas of application of the OMM1 Ome Motors series Single-phase Asynchronous 1 capacitor motors. A single phase asynchronous electric motor with 1 capacitor of the OMM1 Ome Motors series has some fundamental characteristics, including good performance, safe and reliable operation, pleasant appearance, convenient maintenance, low noise, light weight, simple structure and low vibration. All these peculiarities mean that our asynchronous single-phase motor with 1 capacitor can be used optimally inmixers, pumps, fans, etc.. Like all Ome Motors motors, single phase asynchronous motors with 1 capacitor of the OMM1 series allow our customers to increase their productivity, save energy, improve the quality of work, offering long lasting performance.