Synchronous generators

  • Correct synchronous electric motors alternated with precise and stable speed.
  • Suitable for power plants and power generation plants.
Category Electric Motors, Synchronous generators
kw 160kW - up to 3.250kW
voltage 400 / 6600 V
cooling system IC 01, IC 611, IC 81W
hz 50 Hz - 60Hz
sectors Cogeneration, Power Plants, Wind Power Generation
fields applications Turbines

Discover the synchronous motors from OME Motors.

The synchronous generators or motors designed and built by OME Motors consist of a rotor (moving part), equipped with magnetic poles and polar expansions present in an even number between 2 and 20 (pole pairs). On these expansions there are two windings fed by a direct current (DC) opposed to each other which serve to generate the two poles of the magnetic field. Finally, the current electricity is generated by an external battery connected by sliding contacts (brushes). The fixed part of each synchronous generator model is called a stator; on it there are the windings where the voltage is generated. The synchronous generators therefore work when each pole becomes the site of a magnetic flow that exits from the north pole and crosses the stator windings and then closes again in the south pole of each polar pair. By rotating the rotor of the synchronous motor, the magnetic field generated by the pole pairs also moves and becoming a rotating magnetic field, which is variable in the space occupied by the stator windings.

Functionality and advantages of generators or synchronous motors

The synchronous generator produced by OME Motors operates in alternating current, whose rotation speed is synchronized with the electric frequency. The range of OME Motors synchronous motors also includes lower power models, in which the power is supplied by the single-phase voltage available in the homes.

In general, synchronous motors and generators offer the following advantages:

  • Maximum reliability over time.
  • Simplicity in use and maintenance.
  • Brushless and equipped with an AC synchronous generator.
  • Drip-Proof machine.
  • High power-to-weight ratio.
  • Low rotor inertia for high accelerations.
  • High efficiency.

The synchronous generator models proposed by OME Motors can operate variable speed loads if powered by a static converter. They can also be used as a source of electricity corresponding to diesel motors for urban or country lighting. Finally, they are ideal when a particularly precise and stable rotation speed is required.

Usage and application of three phase synchronous generator

The three phase synchronous generators by OME Motors consist of a rotor that has several magnetic poles with alternating polarity. These poles are created by permanent magnets or electromagnets powered by direct current, but also by a stator on which the windings of the power supply circuit are located. Polar expansions of the stator create a rotating magnetic field that drives the poles of the rotor. With their unique features, the synchronous generator or synchronous motor models of the OME Motors range are ideal for use in those fields where a particularly stable and precise rotation speed is required. Therefore, they can be successfully used in power plants, cogeneration and wind power generation plants and in combination with turbines.