Slip Ring Motors OMA High Voltage

Slip Ring Motors OMA High Voltage

The OMA series of slip ring induction motors, designed and manufactured by Ome Motors, are the ideal solution for applications that require high thrust torque and low starting current.

  • Slip ring motor or motors with wound rotor with high starting torque.
  • Ring motors combined with inverters for the further reduction of starting consumption.
Slip Ring Motors OMA High Voltage
High Starting Torque
Advance Cooling System
Solid with reduced weight
Slip Ring Motors OMA High Voltage
High Starting Torque
Advance Cooling System
Solid with reduced weight

Slip Ring motors OMA High Voltage

  • High efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Long life
  • Easy Maintenance


Category Electric Motors
Frame size (mm) H 56 - H 710
Kw From 0,18kW - up to 2.000kW
Voltage Multi voltages
Poles 2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16
Cooling System IC 411, IC 416, IC 611
Hz 50 Hz - 60Hz
Sectors Air Treatment, Cement, Food Industries, Power Plants, Steel Mill, Sugar Plant, Water System Purification, water treatment and desalination, Wind Power Generation
Fields Applications Bending Rolls, Boylers, Compressors, Conveyors, Crusher – Shredders, Die Casting Machine, Fans and Blowers, Forging Presses, Heating and air conditioning HVAC, Injection Moduling Machine, Machine Tools, Pumps, Rolling Mill & Steel Plant Equipment, Sheet Metal Presses, Turbines

Ring motors to increase energy efficiency

Slip ring motors are in more detail, in cases where large plants must be operated: for example, the extraction of minerals but also the production of cement, lime and plaster or, again, the operation of crushers , roller presses and mills.
In all these circumstances, while a different type of motor would use very high power and consumption to operate the systems, slip ring motors and ring collector modulate the power and consumption and gradually start the machinery.
Not only that, but with an asynchronous slip ring motor combined with an inverter, the start-up consumption can be further reduced.
Ultimately, like all motors by OME Motors, the OMA HIGH VOLTAGE series ring motors also represent the ideal solution for optimizing energy consumption, protecting the environment and saving on operating costs.

OME Motors' Slip ring induction motors have a welded sheet steel structure as standard which allows a light structure and increases the rigidity of the motor. The stator and rotor are precision molded in one piece to reduce energy loss and therefore improve the quality of the output.
In OMA HV series slip ring motors the stator coil is double-layered and the core is stacked and assembled with coils on the outside of the frame, applied on the circumference of the ends of the stator coil with spacers to improve rigidity.
Once completed, the stator winding is placed in a vacuum tank, impregnated and inserted into the stator frame.
The standard design of the rotor in motors with wound rotor / slip ring motors and ring collector is made with a copper or copper alloy bar.

2-pole ring motors from 355 to 450 H and all motors from 4 to 12P adopt anti-friction bearings, self-lubricated with grease or oil, based on the size of the motor frame and operating speed.
The split sleeve bearings are suitable for 2-pole motors from 500 to 630 H, on request they can be lubricated with ring or forced oil depending on the load.
To inhibit vibrations the rotor cores of the asynchronous slip ring motors shrink on the shaft and the rotor coils are firmly inserted into the slots.
The advanced brazing technology of the rotor coils ensures high mechanical resistance and good electrical conductivity at the joints.