Smoke extraction motors: maximum safety in emergency situations

OME Motors presents the new OMS smoke extraction motors, high-temperature motors designed for smoke extraction in public and crowded environments.

Developed by OME to work in two different ways: under normal conditions and in emergency conditions, even at high temperatures, they operate as an air intake motor, guaranteeing the correct circulation of oxygen in closed environments and in emergency conditions, they allow the rapid evacuation of smoke, delay fires and keep escape routes free.
They also protect devices and equipment in the environment by reducing thermal stress on components. Ideal for tunnels and underground environments, they are designed to operate – in fire conditions – in complete autonomy. By withstanding hours of very high temperatures, they prevent and delay the spread of flames, facilitating evacuation and rescue operations.

Range of production:
– IE1 IE2 IE3
– F300 & F400 2h
– 2, 4, 6, 8 Poles
– Up to 650 Kw