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OME is a company specialized in the design and production of electric motors for various industrial applications. A globally consolidated reality born from the long experience of the Orsatti family in the electric machinery sector and characterized by a history in continuous evolution. In fact, from the presence on the local market in a few years - thanks to a far-sighted expansion process - OME has distinguished itself internationally. From the simple production of standard motors, today the company is able to design and manufacture highly customized motors, satisfying the most varied customer requests and the needs of global market.

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For more than 60 years we have provided innovative solutions manufacturing highly efficient and customized electric motors, to respond to the need of any market and industrial category and ensuring our technical support internationally to fully satisfy our esteemed customers.


Our main aim is to expand to new markets, being more present and strong on oil&gas and water industries, offering competitive high quality price ratio products, thanks to our know-how and to our versatility, contributing to our partners industrial growth.

Our Added Values
of over 50 years
for new solutions to increase the performance and efficiency of our electric motors
in compliance with current and future regulations, in order to comply with the standards set for energy saving and environmental protection
to customize standard or explosion-proof electric motors in relation to the customer's specific request and project
to satisfy any market requirement, industrial category and product sector
ramified and qualified
Our History


The foundation

Eros Orsatti establishes Elettrotecnica H. Orsatti, a company specialized in the maintenance and repair of electrical machines.


The first Headquarters

The first headquarter of Elettrotecnica H. Orsatti in Brescia is inaugurated.



CME - Costruzioni Meccaniche Elettriche is created and starts producing its 3ph Asynchronous Electric Motors. CME establishes important partnerships with established foreign companies and expands its product offering.



The company begins its internationalization process by starting production also in China.


Orsatti Real Estate Group

The company begins to invest in real estate investments, building or renovating high quality building complexes.


The New Headquarters

The company changes its name to Orsatti Motori Elettrici and moves from the historic Brescia site to the new one in Gussago. Furthermore, it obtains the ISO 9001 Certification which guarantees high quality standards in production.


Expansion of the new
range of motors

The company expands its offerings with medium, high voltage, and explosion proof motors.


Megatech and
ATEX Certification

Orsatti Electric Motors obtains the ATEX certification for explosion-proof motors. Furthermore, after a careful market analysis and a study of the products made by Megatech, the company's Marine Motor division was born.



OME is born, manufacturer of

high efficiency electric motors


The Arab Market

OME opens a new branch for

the market in the United Arab Emirates.


Ome Motors presents FGS

The partnership between the two international leaders in their fields was born,

FGS in the marine and nautical sectors, Ome Motors in electric motors.

The origins of OME date back to the post-war period when the founder's father Eros Orsatti, opened a Mechanical Workshop specialized in windings for electric motors.

In the second half of the 1960s, Elettrotecnica Orsatti was born, initially dedicated to the repair of electrical machines in general, and then to the distribution of electric motors. With the foundation of the subsidiary CME (Construction of Electric Machines), Elettrotecnica Orsatti begins to produce its range of three-phase asynchronous electric motors.

With ambition and determination, thanks to its experience and technical professionalism, Orsatti starts an important and far-sighted process of internationalization: the company crosses the local boundaries obtaining excellent feedback first in Italy and then abroad. The quality of the products and the qualified assistance offered are recognized and appreciated globally and become added value and strongly characterizing the company.

The goal of expansion achieved in a short time and with great entrepreneurial spirit combined with the high quality level of the products pushed the company - towards the end of the 90s - to create partnerships and joint ventures with established foreign companies for the production of their own range of electric motors; to these the Orsatti company confers its experience, technology and technical know-how acquired in over 50 years of history and experience in the sector.

In the early 2000s Orsatti Motori Elettrici Srl was established and the company moved to its current headquarters in Gussago, giving life to a new evolutionary phase: here, the ample space available and the strategic organization of logistics allow the company to offer an optimal and even more efficient service. Orsatti Motori Elettrici extends its offer to include medium and high voltage motors and explosion proof motors.

In 2011, OME was born, a company specializing in the production and distribution of electric motors, ISO 9001 certified, vision 2000 with Rina. In this period the company began to participate in important international tenders and exported to many countries around the world, making use of a dense commercial network and foreign partners. OME, through its subsidiaries and / or affiliates, takes part in international fairs in Europe but also in the Middle East, making itself known also in the United Arab Emirates. Here, in particular, the company successfully shares its wide technical background and its range of products which includes: standard electric motors and three-phase high efficiency synchronous motors for the most varied industrial sectors; explosion-proof electric motors (ATEX) for the oil and gas sector; standard electric motors but also special motors and explosion-proof electric motors in medium and high voltage, direct or alternating current, for the railway, thermal and energy sectors.

With the need to differentiate themselves from competitors and continue to grow, attacking less competitive market shares, the company chooses to invest and specialize to create its ATEX-certified OMEX explosion-proof electric motor, designed for use in highly explosive and flammable environments such as chemical, oil and pharmaceutical industries in general.

Today OME is a reference company in the production of electric motors at international level, also thanks to its direct presence in China and in the Arab Emirates. Moreover, it is present in a capillary way and distributes its motors all over the world, thanks to the network of agents located in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Central / South America.

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The Marine Motors Division

MEGATECH is the Orsatti Group division established in the early 2000s after a careful market analysis and a careful evaluation of the marketed products. Today the division deals with Marine Motors based on Mercedes Benz, proposing innovative solutions of great interest in the field of pleasure boating, fishing and work.

Orsatti Group: Real Estate Division

Since 1997 the Orsatti family has been investing in residential real estate investments, building new complexes or renovating existing historic edifices. The particularity of the realized interventions is in the high quality of the works, in the refinement of the finishes and in the innovation of the projects, both classic and modern.The group is committed to building valuable properties. The results and satisfactions obtained over the years have confirmed the goodness of the idea, which proved to be a winner. The crisis that has characterized the real estate sector in recent years, in fact, has not affected the business.