Permanent Magnet Motors

  • Permanent magnet electric motors with auxiliary cage rotor for a fixed speed application.
  • Engine with a variable speed drive (VSD) for a variable speed application.
Category Electric motors, Permanent Magnet Motors
frame size mm H 80 - H 400
kw From 0.75kW - up to 2500 kw
voltage Multi voltages
poles 2-4-6-8
hz VSD Duty
sectors Air Treatment, Food Industries, Power Plants, Water System Purification, Water treatment and desalination
fields applications Compressors, Conveyors, Crusher – Shredders, Fans and Blowers, Heating and air conditioning HVAC, Pumps

OMPM Permanent Magnet Ultra Premium Efficiency series

  • Magnet drive System
  • Precize control at low speed
  • Compact design
Permanent magnet motor: for best efficiency and performance. The OMPM series permanent magnet motors, designed and built by OME Motors, are the best model for efficiency, power and size among those permanent magnet motors available on the market. These are special synchronous electric motors with magnetic bars added to the rotor, which increase the thrust and make these devices more efficient in terms of performance and energy savings. Therefore, a permanent magnet motor is even more powerful than a standard motor with low voltage IE4: in fact, with the same power the OMPM series devices have smaller dimensions and greater efficiency. Thanks to their low weight and low volume, in addition, permanent magnet synchronous motors are space-saving and take advantage of a large condensed power. The permanent magnet motor designed and made to measure by OME Motors are controlled and operated through a frequency inverter, which guarantees constant torque over a wide speed range, operating even at the lowest levels with superior efficiency. Therefore, these machines can also be defined as motors with permanent magnets. High level of efficiency for unmatched benefits: discover the features of the permanent magnet motor Permanent magnet are machines capable of enclosing maximum power in a reduced volume. In particular, they offer the following advantages:
  • High level of technology.
  • Greater efficiency in terms of performance and energy consumption: each permanent magnet electric motor is not only powerful and efficient, but also energy saving.
  • High power density per frame.
  • Long life, resistance and reliability over time.
  • Reduced weight and volume for a compact design.
  • Maximum flexibility and interchangeability, guaranteed by the structure of each permanent magnet motor.
  • Less energy and temperature loss thanks to the high efficiency levels guaranteed by each permanent magnet synchronous motor.
  • Variable speed.
  • Precise control and operation at lower temperatures, even at low speeds.
  • Reduced noise