Gearbox Ome

The OMGB Gearbox Ome Motors series consists of speed reducers characterized by high power density, reliability, modularity, compactness and an excellent performance/robust ratio.
An electric motor reducer – also called a speed reducer or speed reducer – is a mechanical system that transmits power to the shaft, modulating it as needed.

A speed reducer consists of a gearbox, i.e. a container housing a series of gears responsible for reducing the speed of rotation from an input shaft – called a fast shaft – to an output shaft – called a slow shaft. In fact, therefore, the gearbox functions as a speed and torque converter and, combined with a motor, constitutes a geared motor.

The birth of the gearbox for electric motor is due to the German entrepreneur and designer Albert Obermoser, who in the second decade of the twentieth century patented the so-called Vorlegemotor, whose basic model consisted of an electric motor combined with a simple speed reducer. Since then, of course, the basic model has been gradually improved and new models have been created.

A speed reducer for electric motors can have various types of operation. In particular it is possible to distinguish between:

  • Direct current (DC) powered gearbox: it is able to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy by modifying the motor speed through the variable supply voltage;
  • Alternating current (AC) gearbox: is any type of speed reducer combined with an alternating current powered motor capable of producing electrical energy functional to the lowering of speed in order to increase the power of the instrument.

Discover the Advantages and Efficiency of an OMGB Gearbox Ome Motors Series Gearbox.

  • Low vibration level
  • Simple connection to other transmission machines
  • High performance
  • High quality aluminium alloy
  • Elegant appearance
  • Efficient radiator
  • High transport capacity
  • High reliability
  • Small size
  • Compactness
  • Lightness
  • Various input and output types

Technical Data

  • Type (Centre Distance) : 25-30-40-50-63-75-90-110-130-150-185
  • Nominal Ratio: 7.5-10-15-20-25-30-40-50-60-80-100

Areas of use of a Gearbox Ome Motors OMGB Gearbox Ome Motors series:

An electric motor with gearbox is an essential element in almost all sectors of the modern economy: its lack would, in fact, make it impossible to sustain mass production in any sector. For example, in the automotive sector a gearmotor is crucial and indispensable in every step of the production of a machine, from the creation of the mould for the bodywork to the final assembly.
In the industrial field, in the absence of electric geared motors, there would be no type of conveyor, with the consequence that the movement of loads and goods would become extremely difficult and there would be a critical slowdown in large-scale industrial production.
Ultimately, like all Ome Motors motors, the GEARBOX OMGB series electric geared motorsare the ideal solution for optimising energy consumption, protecting the environment and saving operating costs.