Smoke extraction motors

  • High temperature motors for air intake and fume extraction in public and crowded environments.
  • Reliable and safe devices in both normal and emergency situations, even at high temperatures.
Category Electric motors, Smoke extraction motors
frame size mm F300 - F400, H 63 - H 400
kw From 0.18kW - up to 630 kW
voltage 220 V - 230 V - 240 V - 380 V - 400 V - 415 V - 440 V - 460 V - 480 V
poles 2-4-6-8
cooling system IC 410, IC 411
hz 50 Hz - 60Hz
sectors Air Treatment
fields applications Fans and Blowers
temperature -40°C < 0 < 250°C 2H, -40°C < 0 < 300°C 2H, -40°C < 0 < 400°C 2H
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OMS Smoke Extraction Motor series

  • Reliable
  • Efficient
  • Fire Proof
Air intake and smoke extraction motor for maximum safety in crowded places The air intake and smoke extraction high temperature motors are new products in the OME Motors range. These are three-phase electric motors designed and built specifically for fans and smoke extraction systems in industrial or commercial buildings with a large number of people. In all these cases, the use of an exhaust fan motor guarantees the right ventilation and increase the level of safety even in emergency situations. The high temperature motor models for air intake and smoke extraction are designed and developed by OME Motors to work in two different ways:
  • Under normal conditions, they operate as an air intake motor, guaranteeing the correct circulation of oxygen in closed environments.
  • In emergency conditions, they allow the rapid evacuation of smoke, delay fires and keep escape routes free, which limits subsequent damage. In these cases, moreover, the exhaust fan motor also protects any devices and equipment present, minimizing the thermal stress of the components.
Characteristics and functionality of air intake and smoke extraction motors The motors for air intake and fume extraction are designed for use under normal and emergency conditions. In particular:
  • They work effectively with fans and smoke extraction systems.
  • Under normal conditions, they ensure proper air circulation in closed rooms.
  • They are designed to operate completely autonomy under fire conditions, resisting two hours even at very high temperatures.
  • They prevent or delay the spread of fire, facilitate evacuation and rescue operations.
Situations of use and application of fume and air intake motors The high temperature motor models for air and smoke extraction are designed to be used in air treatment plants and in combination with fans and blowers. Therefore, they can be used successfully in all places subject to crowding and passage of people, such as factories, warehouses, business centres, covered parking lots, road or underground tunnels, cinemas, airports, shopping centres, etc. In particular, these high temperature motorsmade by OME Motors can be used as exhaust fan motors for industrial hoods, guaranteeing the correct ventilation of the systems, or as electric motors for tunnels, tunnels and underground roads, offering maximum safety to users, even in the event of breakdowns or fires.