Sugar Plant

Efficient Motors Customized For Sugar Mills

OME Motors produces specific and specialized electric motors for the best sugar refineries in the various production processes. These devices are able to perform with efficiency and innovation the different functions of the sugar production plants: from the reception of the raw materials to the conditioning, passing through the extraction and purification phases first, then of crystallization and evaporation and finally of centrifuge. The electric motors designed and built to measure by OME Motors are able to meet all the needs of a high energy intensity production process, with peaks of high activity, high efficiency drive solutions in tandem with new technologies. In this way, these highly efficient electric motors significantly improve productivity and reduce production costs. 

Inside the sugar processing and production plants, the equipment present is exposed to extreme working conditions due to the presence of dust and temperatures with high variations. Thanks to the projects carried out for the biggest sugar companies in the world, OME Motors is able to offer custom-made and highly innovative electric motors, capable of withstanding the typical working conditions of the sector, always guaranteeing high performance. These motors, in particular, are designed to guarantee drive solutions that cover all the needs of the process; they can be at fixed or variable speed, thus significantly improving industrial productivity