Wind Power Generation

Wind Power Generation: Discover the OME Dedicated Motor Range

Wind is the energy source of the future. The wind farms, to effectively exploit its speed in order to produce electricity, require ad hoc electric motors and generators.

OME Motors offers a wide range of devices for the operation of wind farms, designed to meet the highest energy standards in the industry as well as the needs of the market (especially in terms of savings on operating and maintenance costs). These are synchronous motors of high efficiency and maximum reliability, capable of ensuring a high and constant efficiency.

The operating principle of electric motors for wind farms is very simple: the basic module of a wind power plant is the wind generator, composed of a propeller connected to a shaft, to which the current generator is then keyed; the propeller and the generator are placed at elevated heights so as to be crossed by winds, which – putting the propeller in rotation – operate in a generator that produces energy.

Wind generators can be of various sizes and are mainly used in power plants composed of numerous other variable power generators. For the importance that the production of this new form of clean energy has, OME Motors has devised a line of custom-made electric motors, designed to guarantee the correct functioning of the wind turbine; these motors, in fact, are characterized by a robust technology that allows a flexible control and are equipped with a special coating to meet the most demanding corrosion protection requirements.