Axial Pumps – AFP

The axial flow pumps designed by OME Motors are used in high flow and low head applications. They are suitable for both low and high pressure, and are specially designed to handle severe pumping conditions. Axial flow pumps have a design that saves energy and minimizes the valve system. Axial flow pumps are used in all those industrial processes where low head and high capacity are required

Category Products, Pumps
design Axial Flow Pump
capacity iso Up to 30000 m3/h
capacity us Up to 132000 Gpm
head iso Up to 10 m
head us Up to 33 feet
temperature range iso -20 - +180 Dec C
temparature range us -68 - +350 Dec F
pressure range iso Up to 6 bar
pressure range us 90 psi
material range Carbon Steel, SS, Duplex, Super Duplex, Hast alloy
nozzle direction suc dis Customized as per requirement
motor sync speed iso 600 rpm
motor sync speed us 720 rpm
flange standard ANSI / HG / DIN / JIS


  • Salt manufacturing and Alkaline Industry
  • Forced Circulation, etc
  • For pumping large flow-low head liquid mediums

Areas of application for axial pumps

The use of axial pumps proposed by OME are indicated for:

– the manufacturing industry

– the alkaline industry 

– forced circulation systems

– the transfer of liquids with low prevalence of large flow rates

Application limits 

The axial flow pump can be used with liquids at temperatures from 20 °C to + 180 °C. The manometric suction height reaches 10 m. The maximum permissible final pressure in the pump body is 6 bar.