Condensation Pump Station – CPS

Condensate pumps are specifically designed to exceed the strictest international energy standards ANSI B73.1 which establish universal parameters to be followed when defining construction details. Industrial condensate pumps are positive displacement pumps specifically designed for the removal and recovery of high temperature liquids, such as condensate from water vapour or hydrocarbons, recovered water, oils and other industrial fluids.

Category Products, Pumps
design ANSI B73.1
capacity iso Up to 1500 m3/h
capacity us Up to 6604 Gpm
head iso Up to 250 m
head us Up to 840 feet
temperature range iso -40 - +150 Dec C
temparature range us -104 - +302 Dec F
pressure range iso Up to 25 bar
pressure range us 363 psi
material range Carbon Steel, SS, Duplex, Super Duplex, Hast alloy
nozzle direction suc dis End / Side
motor sync speed iso 1500 / 3000 rpm
motor sync speed us 1800 / 3600 rpm
flange standard ANSI / HG / DIN / JIS


  • Chemical process conditions
  • Auxiliary applications
  • Municipal clean water supply and distribution

High efficiency condensate pump

The condensate pump is designed and built by OME Motors to offer maximum performance results in every sector of use: from municipal water supply and distribution to auxiliary applications. 

Why use condensate pumps in your industrial systems?

The use of condensate pumps proposed by OME prevents:

– Temperature control instability in machinery 

– Quality problems in the realization of the final product

– Corrosion of overheated surfaces 

– Machinery breakage

– The excessive acoustic noise generated by machinery

– The deterioration of machinery

Moreover, the industrial water pumps designed by OME allow to reduce the costs for additives and make-up water, improving the discharge capacity and ensuring a better quality of the feed water.