LSMV-M1000 medium voltage inverter

The medium voltage inverter from Ome Motors and LS Group consists of compact integrated systems built on state-of-the-art technology, offering an optimal solution for energy saving with high efficiency and power.

The system supports an intuitive HMI (Human Machine Interface) that allows easy operation and displays information clearly and efficiently. 

The new range of LS Group and Ome Motors medium voltage inverters, combined with Ome Motors electric motors, offers solutions of proven reliability and profitability. It also contributes to energy saving and environmental protection in various application sectors including gas production, water treatment, marine, power generation and cement.

The main features of Ome Inverters

Energy saving through efficient energy management with the new inverter range

The medium voltage inverter is a compact, unique system built on an optimal design. It is easy to install and is constructed so that no input/output filters are required, offering high efficiency and energy savings.

Applications of LS Group and Ome Motors medium voltage inverters

  • Energy Production Plants 
  • Water treatment plants
  • Chemical and Petroleum Plants
  • Sugar factories