Mixed Flow Pumps – OHP

The mixed flow pumps designed and manufactured by OME Motors are able to guarantee optimum performance in any application sector. They are particularly suitable for the circulation of cold and hot water, power plants and air conditioning plans. The combination of the various materials of which it is made guarantees high efficiency and low maintenance. The updated mechanical design according to European standards make mixed flow pumps highly efficient and economical.

Category Products, Pumps
design Over Hung Non-Clog pump
capacity iso Up to 8000 m3/h
capacity us Up to 35200 Gpm
head iso Up to 30 m
head us Up to 98 feet
temperature range iso -20 - +180 Dec C
temparature range us -68 - +350 Dec F
pressure range iso Up to 6 bar
pressure range us 90 psi
material range Carbon Steel, SS, Duplex, Super Duplex, Hast alloy
nozzle direction suc dis End / Top Side-Line discharge
motor sync speed iso 1500 rpm
motor sync speed us 1800 rpm
flange standard ANSI / HG / DIN / JIS


  • Pumping drainage water
  • Circulation of hot or cold water in industry
  • Air-conditioning plant
  • Power stations
  • Textile mills
  • Sewage handling and Flood control

Advantages of mixed flow pumps

Industrial mixed flow pumps are designed by OME Motors to be installed directly in the exhaust pipe or in the fitters to save space and reduce installation costs. They are mainly used in applications requiring a high level of flow combined with a relatively low delivery pressure. 

Industrial mixed flow pumps using the latest and most sophisticated technologies guarantee:

– high energy saving 

– long-term reliability 

– low maintenance costs 

Usage limits

The mixed flow pump can be used with liquids at temperatures from – 20 °C to + 180 °C. The manometric suction height reaches 30 m. The maximum permissible final pressure in the pump body is 6 bar.