PT Power: OME Electric Motors and KSB together in Indonesia

  • Customer: KSB
  • State: Indonesia
  • Project: PT Power
  • Specifications: OMVK 400-6 220kw Series; 6000V 50HZ IP55 IC611 V1

KSB – a world leader in the production and supply of innovative pumps, valves and systems for the transport of all types of fluids – requested OME Motors to build two 220kw high voltage electric motors to be implemented in the power plant of PLTU Holtekamp, located in Papua, Indonesia.

motors for power plants made by OME Motors are highly efficient three-phase electric motors capable of offering high performance. Equipped with IC 611 air to air cooling systems, they are able to differentiate the modularity of the perfrigeration system.

The combined use of KSB valves together with the electric motors 220 of OME Motors has allowed the PLTU Holtkamp power plant to respond to the new objectives set by the world community to encourage the exploitation of alternative and sustainable energies.

Indeed, by implementing highly efficient drive solutions, the electric motor 220 significantly improves industrial productivity by offering the highest energy efficiency ever with less energy expenditure.

The two motors built by OME Motors, connected to the KSB pumps, therefore represent a flexible solution capable of reducing CO2 emissions and satisfying energy needs by producing energy in a safe, economical and environmentally friendly way.